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At Jim Giese Commercial Roofing we are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of workmanship and customer service on every project.

Commercial Roofing Installation

Whether installing a new roof or reroofing an existing one, you need an experienced roofing company to coordinate materials and labor in a timely manner to meet the construction schedule of the building’s owner along with the general contractor or construction manager. At Jim Giese Commercial Roofing, we understand how critical timing and coordination are during installation.


New roofsHaving a building’s roof system installed as soon as possible in the construction process is necessary to facilitate all interior work in a new building. Timely installation requires the ability to mobilize and coordinate materials and labor to meet the construction schedule of each owner, general contractor or construction manager.


ReroofsSince most buildings being reroofed are occupied, efficient and expedient completion of the process minimizes disruption of ongoing business operations. Quick installation reduces the risk of disruption from water leakage—in either the existing roof system or leaks that could occur during the reroofing process.